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At Rema Upholstery Services we value and encourage the uniqueness of each of our client’s ideas through trust, respect and constant communication. Our expert upholstery technicians will repair or replace your existing upholstery to like-new condition or to a custom, elegant design.


How do we work?

  1. Reach out to Rema and provide information about your project, 720-763-1978.

  2. Select from a variety of top quality materials.

  3. Receive a finalized quote.

  4. Schedule your project.


Our auto upholstery services include, but are not limited to:

  • Seats: seat re-foam, foam repair/custom foam fitting, installation of heating pads, seat re-stitching, material replacement, embroidery and change from cloth/vinyl to leather or vise-versa.
  • Headliners: replacement of damaged headliners with or without sunroof and sun visors.

  • Door panels: repair, door panel armrests, door panel carpet.

  • Carpet: carpet padding, relayed, pre-molded carpet, or custom carpet and carpet kits.

  • Headrests: headrest cover, embroidered headrests, headrest re-stitch, headrest modifications, install headrest pieces.

  • Convertible tops: glass or plastic windows, convertible top side windows, convertible patch, convertible seal, convertible repair, convertible top zipper replacement, convertible top slider replacement.

  • Vinyl top replacements.



Starlight Headliner & Honeycomb design

Falcon complete interior. Custom-made center console

Square design - vinyl & seude

The "Marilyn Monroe" car

"Falling Diamond" Design

Leather factory design with embroidery

Oldsmobile complete interior

Original factory design - BMW

Cutlass interior including vinyl top

Hummer complete interior

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